Summer Medley of Insanity.

 Why “insanity”? Because it was insanely good. Here’s how I created the madness. Zucchini, summer squash, mushroom, corn cut off the cob, sun dried tomato, Vidalia onion, garlic, sautéed in basil flavored olive oil, and topped with prosciutto. Salt and pepper to taste. By the way, I dislike the expression “salt and pepper” to taste. I mean, is it according to my personal seasoning tastes, or is it a suggestion? Look Betty Bossy Crocker, I’ve “tasted” both salt AND pepper. It’s not like a new seasoning that YOU discovered. Don’t boss me around, “Betty”. If that is your real name.


4 comments on “Summer Medley of Insanity.

  1. linsolo93 says:

    Looks good will try!I am in London, UK so will use red onions instead of Vidalia which are not easy to get.


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