Crooks and Cockroaches: A Comparison Study

Recently my place was robbed and they did a fine job removing most of my electronics, tools, and some very important sentimental items that cannot be replaced.  I feel thievery is one of the worst crimes other than murder, crimes against women, and crimes against children. It falls well below those three but there is a type of indifference to others that is certainly involved.  If a person’s morals are poor enough to steal, I feel they are inclined to commit the others.  Morality is a thread that is woven throughout a person’s character.

So on to my comparison study. Crooks and cockroaches are made from the same mold. When it’s dark, they huddle together in a group enjoying their crook/cockroach antics.  If a light is cast upon them they scatter in all directions trying to save their own necks.  I feel as though I know who committed this crime against me and I’m focusing my spotlight on them. They are scattering.  Who’ll try to be the first to save their own skin? I’m curious to find out.

I can replace the electronics.  I can replace the tools.  In fact, I wouldn’t be as upset as I am if they had stolen gold bars. What upsets me the most are the sentimental items taken. They stole my memories and for this I will never quit searching for justice.  I rarely blog about serious issues because WordPress is an escape for me.  I connect with interesting people and cultures, feel enriched by the photography, poems, and writing, and have fun thinking about my next post.  Today, I needed some catharses.  I’m resilient and will move on but I must admit right now I’m not my normal optimistic self.  The cockroaches stole that as well, or at least borrowed it without my permission.

6 comments on “Crooks and Cockroaches: A Comparison Study

  1. facetfully says:

    Being robbed is a real feeling of invasion! So sorry!

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  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    Damn that sucks! Karma is a bitch and I hope she goes postal on the crooks!!

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    • mojoshawn says:

      I agree about Karma. She is a sweet and cruel mistress simultaneously. Trust me…Ms. Karma and I will be the ones spooning. The cockroaches will at some point be made to spoon with their new cell mate. I predict I will be enjoying myself more.😉

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  3. sanseilife says:

    I am sorry. I hope you get some justice.

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