Really Panda?!?


Reboot: Day 3/5 ; Post 1/3


Last night I learned something about my dog Panda. She likes to sleep with a security blanket. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want an actual blanket. I turned off the light and she kept walking around and jumping on and off the bed while whining. I’m all “what’s wrong girl?” I could tell she was looking for something. “Your bone?” No. “Your fuzzy monkey?” No. “This?” No. “That?” No. Then it hit me. I got in the hamper and pulled out a sock. “Not this?!?” Yep. She takes it, puts it down, and goes to sleep with her head on it. Dognip. Great. Looks like I get to sleep with one of my dirty socks every night. Good thing they smell of fresh pines and mountain mist.


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