The Unfriendly Skies.

I read a post on one of my favorite blogs today (Insidethelifeofmoi by Amanda) about her recent trip to Turkey. Pop by and check it out.  I feel confident you’ll become a loyal reader. OK, enough plugging Amanda’s blog (make that a cashier’s check, Amanda 😉 ).

Amanda talks about the “joys” of flying among other things, and it got me to thinking.  I remember back in the day before the tragic events of 9/11, that flying used to be fun.  I grew up in a subdivision about 5 miles from KCI Airport so flying was very easy. Most of my friends’ parents worked for TWA (we called them TWA brats affectionately) so people flew all the time. My friends could even sit in the cockpit jump seat.  Because most of them flew for free, they would split a ticket price with me and we would hit the skies.  KCI is (was) a very convenient airport and our parents could drop us off right outside the gate due to it’s horseshoe design.  A person could walk right in at their boarding gate.  We would dress up, pack everything but the kitchen sink, and take snacks.  Great fun for a teen.  I miss those days.

After 9/11, as we all know things drastically changed.  Flying is a chore, a necessity.  I would almost rather take the bus, and have taken the train (which is fun) to avoid flying. However, due to my job I’ve been forced to fly many times.  I generally get to change flights in really slow airports like Dallas, O’Hare, or Hotlanta Atlanta (my pilot buddies tell me it’s now the busiest in the World).  Joy.

Needless to say I don’t like it anymore.  I don’t dress up, usually I’m in sweats.  I wear easy off/on shoes  even though they may kill my feet.  I pack as light as I can.  You know, one pair of underwear for four days (wear frontwards, backwards, inside-out frontwards, inside-out backwards.)  That was a joke, and I actually just grossed myself out but I’ll leave it in for a bit of shock factor. I seem to fit a “profile” and often have to unpack everything. I have to carry a laptop full of technical junk that looks suspicious I guess.  It’s truly torture. I’m sure I’m not enlightening anyone who’s flown in the last few decades.

So here’s to the “Unfriendly Skies”…may I see you only when absolutely necessary.


9 comments on “The Unfriendly Skies.

  1. […] trip and thought a lot about how traveling on a plane has changed over the last years. When I read Mojoshawn’s post today all those thoughts came right back to me […]

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  2. Air travel was fun and exciting….now just a pain in the b**. All the camera gear when off on an assignment is just has to be the worst search experience with everything out and big hands over everything. I try an travel light but there is a limit. But apart from the air travel itself, it is the getting to the airport, the parking, the transit to the actual departure buildings. Then the security, the waits, the over priced coffee and often the crowds……and a scramble for seats on some flights (try flying to Poland from the U.K.). If you were trying to plan such a bad way to travel you couldn’t plan anything worse.

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  3. “You know, one pair of underwear for four days (wear frontwards, backwards, inside-out frontwards, inside-out backwards.” <-Hahaha! I'm so glad this was a joke… My mouth was slightly ajar with horror reading that.

    Like you, I find the more I travel, the more it becomes a chore. Like a big pile of ironing, that needs to be done, but you really begrudge doing it.

    I'm glad my post inspired you and thank you for the 'shout out'. I've strapped your cheque on a pigeon, should get to you …erm…sometime next year! 😉

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  4. amommasview says:

    Oh, I know what you mean… Now picture yourself flying with two kids… and a husband who always, ALWAYS gets picked for whatever search they ‘offer’ in addition. I’m usually glad to finally sit in the plane. Before 9/11 I was so much more excited and often headed to the airport earlier (which is still not as early as you have to be there today) to have dinner there with a friend who worked at the airport. Back then you could do your check-in and then have a relaxed dinner in a proper restaurant, go through ‘security’ and board your flight in the same time it only takes you to go through security nowadays… But I guess we all learned out lessons given by those crazy people. I just wonder if they are not one step ahead and will get us eventually again…

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    • mojoshawn says:

      Thank-you for sharing. I can’t even imagine the extra effort needed to get your little ones through. I can feel for your husband, make packing a whole new experience trying to be prepared for the inevitable. I sure hope we stop any tragedies in the future. Unfortunately, there seems to be more crazies every day. 🙂

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