The Pain!!!

Panda and I have been lying around like a couple of bums.  I normally make sure I get comfortable before she does. Why you ask?  She has me wrapped around her little paw so much that when she puts her wittle (yes, wittle) head on me I refuse to move.  It’s just too dang cute.  So…if forgot to get comfortable first and now I have neck pain.  I’ve also had back pain, arms and legs that have fallen asleep, and various cramps in the past due to her mad, adorable skillz (yes, skillz).  What can I say, I’m a softy.


“As it should be, Master.”

10 comments on “The Pain!!!

  1. I can see how she has you wrapped around her wittle paw, and yes better to be comfortable before hand. I had a kitty, well all 20lbs of a maincoon and if I didn’t get comfortable before her, there was no comfortalbeness in sight for me lol.

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  2. Ahhh. I have a Panda too, but we call him Jack.

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  3. The picture isn’t loading. .. are you talking about a real one! I must be asleep, my brain is already imagining you in a cuddle with the panda. 🙂

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  4. sanseilife says:

    Thats you saying “As it should be, Master”, right? Not Panda 🙂

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