I like to pretend I’m a Gypsy sometimes…

I was raised in the country until I was twelve years old when we moved to Kansas City.  My high school graduation class in KC had 535 people.  My home town has just under 500.  I lived the city life for many years until I moved back to the same small town I was raised in several years ago.  Now I’m headed back to KC.  The main thing that’s different…EVERYTHING! However, for now I’m just focused on one topic.  Sushi.  There aren’t many any sushi bars in a town of five-hundred.  Bait shops don’t count.  However, I once tried wrapping a minnow in some collard greens with a bit of grits.  I ate it with a pair of my drum sticks. Believe it or not, something was lost in translation. Correction, ALL was lost in translation.  😉


5 comments on “I like to pretend I’m a Gypsy sometimes…

  1. I love that you had to clarify that “bait shops don’t count.”

    I’ve lived in lots of places… from a town that had one traffic light when we first moved there, to suburbs of Detroit, Atlanta, and NYC (Lawn Guyland, more specifically…)

    I LOVE sushi. I have yet to find really good sushi in this college town where we currently live. I really miss “Sweet potato roll” more than anything, and eel that doesn’t taste like rubber.

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  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:


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  3. I can’t stop laughing about “rural sushi”!

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