Deep Thinkings…

I like nothing about Saturday.  I truly enjoy everything about being able to do “nothing’ if I choose to lay around like a sloth.  I may go to the driving range.  That still counts because when it comes to golf skill, I have none nothing.


“It took me 3 weeks to make this list.”

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8 comments on “Deep Thinkings…

  1. I love a good slothy Saturday (minus the growing moss party)!

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  2. I am either doing nothing at all…or driving everyone around me nuts because I hate to waste a day. Like today, we should be out of the house and doing something. One, it is beautiful out and two, this is my last forseeable whole day off! My husband and son are starting their spring break, and I’m so jealous that I could eat the last popsicle. Again.

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    • mojoshawn says:

      I’m an outdoors person myself. A couple friends and I went to the driving range. I usually don’t lie around much, I just enjoy the option! BTW…you deserve that popsicle if it’s your last day off. Make sure to eat it in front of them. 😉

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  3. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    Everyone deserves a “do nothing productive” day. Oh yea….love golf but it is still a four letter word for me, lol.

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