A Tale of Revenge…

There I was minding my own business, taking a little nap on the couch in my dorm room.  Suddenly I wake up with shaving cream all over me and three of my friends laughing and screaming as they exit.  They awoke the sleeping dragon.  I placed a towel blockade in front of my door and proceeded with “the lesson”.  First, I grabbed a stack of about ten pennies.  If you stack pennies and push out the bottom of a door and then slide the stack up the gap as far towards the doorknob as you can, it’s very difficult to open. Very…difficult.  So I “pennied” them in, for about 2 hours.  Of course, I called and left the phone off the hook.  Kids, the stories about a time without cell phones are real. I wanted them to marinate in their shame alone, cut off from the World. They quit yelling at people to let them out after about 15 minutes.  It was a guy’s dorm, so everyone was like, “Pennied them in, I see?”.    Me, “Yep.”   Them, “Carry on.”  I finally showed mercy and let them out under the agreement there would be no retaliation.  I couldn’t hardly say it at the time with a straight face because I knew there would be, I could see it in their eyes.

I returned to my room.  Actually, no I didn’t.  They thought I did, however.  We were on the sixth floor, so I went down to Five and grabbed just the stand part of an ashtray.  It was basically like a big bucket.  I filled it up…dum-di-ti-di-doh…OK. The building was constructed so there was a square commons area in the middle, with a hallway stretching out in each direction.  My arch nemesis (for the day)  and I were on opposite sides.  I sneaked up to another hallway on the sixth-floor.  I hid at the door of the stairway.  My senses were heightened.  The glare of the tile, the smell of..not sure what that smell is…Pink Floyd coming from a room.

In crouched position, I see two guys and one girl move across the open Serengeti commons.  I could make out the talcum powder…but I had created a barrier.  It would hold.  It MUST hold.  They headed down the hall.  My room was last one on the right. In the mean time I relocated just around the hall corner in the commons area.   I heard giggling, and then the slap of feet coming towards me.  They rounded the corner just as I emptied the contents of my make-shift bucket.  Water hit everyone like a thick blanket that instantaneously soaked them.  I mean…dripping.  The looks on their faces can only be described as a combination of sheer astonishment and extreme disappointment. Dripping. In total silence, we stood there for several seconds.

Finally I asked them politely, “Are we done?”

Their reply almost in unison, “Yes.”

I was never pranked again.

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2 comments on “A Tale of Revenge…

  1. Some engineer friends of mine duct taped a guy to a dorm mattress and sent him down a stairwell. Halfway down, it flipped over.

    But this is better:

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