Lesson Learned: Number forty-seven

During a college trip to South Padre Island, on the last day a group of us combined a can of chili with a can of tuna.  It was like protein spackle.  One bite would feed an adult human for several days.  Unfortunately, it tasted like it hated flavor.  It was anti-flavor, and it was not to be eaten lightly.  None of us have ever been the same.  Please learn from our mistake.

(image via deviantart.com

~image via deviantart.com~

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9 comments on “Lesson Learned: Number forty-seven

  1. Julia Manuel says:

    Reblogged this on Mamamaitri and commented:
    This is one seriously funny story. Dig it!! Shawn never disappoints ☺

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  2. Julia Manuel says:

    “It tasted like it hated flavor” ROFL! Who thinks to say these brilliant things!? You do ☺

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  3. Ohh no!! 😉
    Thanks for sharing life lessons Shawn, although this was scary:)

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  4. sanseilife says:

    I am speechless it sounds horrifying

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