Woop Woop! Aren’t I a “fungi”?!

Don’t be mad at yourself, you just “read’ the title.  I’m the one who posted it.  I take full responsibility.  Please accept my apologies. I am sorry.  -The Management


Yes. They were delicious.

21 comments on “Woop Woop! Aren’t I a “fungi”?!

  1. I’m not mad at myself ’cause I read it correctly. Then I said, “whut?” and read it again, then I got it 😉

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  2. First time I stumbled upon a mushroom like this. There’s no harm to try I believe.

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  3. Julia Manuel says:

    You are such a goof! Loves it ☺

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  4. I soooo want to them all up!

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  5. sanseilife says:

    Asian store or Walmart?

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  6. So torn! I really hate mushrooms, but love chocolate. Are those chocolate dipped mushrooms? Yipe!

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