Why I Still Enjoy Facebook…

Some use Facebook to voice political opinions.  Others enjoy taking pictures of food to show everyone that they eat…food.  Still others enjoy showing the rest of us freezing our rear ends off how nice it is this time of year in Cancun.  I feel it’s their page, so have at it.  However, I personally enjoy posting Grumpy Cat memes and interacting with celebrities.  Don’t judge me.

Hey, I tried.

Hey, I tried.

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7 comments on “Why I Still Enjoy Facebook…

  1. Julia Manuel says:

    Sent you a friend request ☺

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  2. T.R. Sanders says:

    ALWAYS mess with their heads… >:D

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  3. Tomorrow is the last day of my No Face Book February. I’m anxious to see what I’ve missed. The cool thing is that I know that it isn’t the first place to check anymore. I’m okay with once daily now.

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