Wayback Wednesday…

My Grandfather and Great-Uncle along with a letter written by Granddad telling of how small they were when born.


Granddad is the shy one on the left.


7 comments on “Wayback Wednesday…

  1. milliethom says:

    What wonderful things to have, Shawn. Both the photo and note must be precious to you. I have lots of old photos, too, and I treasure them. Thank you for sharing these. 🙂

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  2. facetfully says:

    How wonderful is that! Old pictures connect us to the faces, but having actual stories connects us to the lives!

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    • mojoshawn says:

      I’m blessed that my grandfather wrote many little notes/thoughts during his life. He sent my grandmother very romantic letters when he was in the Civilian Conservation Core during the Great Depression. He was quite the sweet talker! 🙂

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