11 comments on “Deep Thinkings…

  1. milliethom says:

    I agree. Time goes far too quickly to wish it away. One day you’re young … the next, you’re really not. Now, that’s no fun! Love the pic, though. I’m sure you’d love many places over here, Shawn, but I’m not sure how well you’d cope with all the rain. If you caught us having a nice summer, you’d be fine. Otherwise, it’s a case of remembering to pack raincoat and wellies! 🙂

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    • mojoshawn says:

      I’m actually a big fan of the rain, Millie. Even if I wasn’t, it would be a small price to pay to be in a place with so much interesting history!

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      • milliethom says:

        Oh, we’ve got history at every turn, Shawn. Every city, town and village has buildings dating back hundreds of years and records of long-past events. I’m not complaining, I love history. But, as a geographer, I’d love to see your Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls – and so many other natural features in what you call your ‘neck of the woods’. I suppose it’s natural to want to visit places we can’t see on a regular basis. The world’s a big place! The US is so big, too, so I’d better narrow my sights on that one. 🙂

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      • mojoshawn says:

        Luckily, WordPress allow us to live a bit vicariously through the stories and photographs of others. I can’t wait to visit Great Britain, it’s number one on my bucket list.


  2. Yep…Wednesday already and nearly gone

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