OK, OK…I get the point!

I often sing while music is playing in the background.  I sing a lot because there’s rarely a time when a tune isn’t spinning. I recently purchased some new headphones and was giving them a “test drive” tonight.  I was petting my dog and singing to her.  Seems my voice must stand out much more when actual talent isn’t my backup singer.  I played some Blues and was singing along and she began to howl.  “Yeah, that’s a sad song Panda.”  I put on some Alternative acoustic.  She again began to howl.  “I thought you were a hippie like me, Bear.”  Classic Rock was next. Nope, still howled.  Old Funk.  Howl. New Funk.  Howl.  I finally received the message loud and clear.  I switched over to the stereo and played more or less the same songs.  She crashed.  Lesson leaned good girl, you are wise.


Panda, Fall of 2014

5 comments on “OK, OK…I get the point!

  1. Had your door been open, I anticipate you would have to walk out of the room 😉
    Your dog is super good

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  2. T.R. Sanders says:

    Haha! Classic. My dogs generally just give me a “look” and then leave the room. XD

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