An Ode to Pinterest.

Oh “Pinnie”, how I doth love thee.  The places you take me in my mind, that my rear will never be able to afford to travel. The great projects you show me such as how to knit a sweater from drier lint and make a house out of used pallets.  The wonderful photos of our Universe showing it’s vastness that cause my head to hurt.  Inspiring quotes about love that are super-imposed over two people frolicking on a beach who obviously met for first time on the photo shoot.  We’ve laughed at cat memes, and cried at ones that have our favorite sports team as the brunt of the joke.  I think of all the time we’ve spent together, and wonder how many doctoral degrees, black belts in martial arts, and things I could have accomplished that actually matter without you in my life.  Pinnie, if you ever get taken over by a search engine and renamed you will still smell as sweet to me.  You are a very tasty casserole full of empty calories causing me to yearn for more of your nourishment.  You are my guilty pleasure.  You are my muse.  I love you.

Yours forever (or until a better app comes along),


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