Live, Love, Laugh?!?

I often see this but it confuses me.  Is it a manual for life?  I understand “Love” and “Laugh”, but not so sure about “Live”.   I mean, I am alive.  Does that count? Ambiguity in directions is one of my pet peeves.  A guy’s gotta eat, and I’m told drinking stuff is good.  I’ll have to work to pay for the food and beverage.  Showering a few times a year is a good idea for me because I’m active physically.  People seem to be friendlier to me if I don’t smell badly.  After all that eating and drinking, may I use the restroom?  A guy’s gotta go sometimes, too.  I’m told after about three or four days being wide awake, a person can actually start hallucinating.  I don’t want to test that theory so I sleep almost every night.  Insomnia can be a bear.  I’d like to speak to the person that came up with that and tell them they should make themselves clearer the next time they give advice.  Maybe it was just a rough draft that was stolen.  I took the liberty of creating a version for people who need a bit more detail such as myself.


5 comments on “Live, Love, Laugh?!?

  1. Eva-Luna says:

    There was a quote a friend had below her text messages and email that said “Love, Laugh,& Learn” also there was one of my fave quotes “Live & Let Live” (translated from “Vive & Deja Vivir”) so I mixed both….now is all over and out of control. _Key to My Heart

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  2. T.R. Sanders says:

    That’s living, but is it LIVING, man? In the McConnaughnisian sense? Still, you’re right. When it comes to matters of life and, uh…what’s that word for not life, again? Nevermind, that part’s not important. We’re talking about CHANCE here, man!

    I better restrain myself there. This could easily turn into rampant stream of consciousness word play! Thanks for the brain prod.

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    • mojoshawn says:

      Great comment, my Brother. My additions were mainly aimed at keeping myself “alive”, so that I may love and laugh. I don’t need anything else. Also, just a way to write a silly take about the wall hangings I see in stores. 😉

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