Let it snow…

I’ve never been one to complain about the weather.  Hot/cold/rain/snow…I love it all, actually. If I wanted 72 degrees and sunny all the time, I’d build me an atmospherically regulated bubble. Hmmm…I may do that anyway because it sounds cool.  I digress.  The only thing that does concern me about the weather is how it affects those less fortunate,  and those who’s lives are uprooted by it.  That being said, it’s been a mild winter here in Southeast Missouri and we’re “supposed” to be getting a decent snowfall.  I’ll let the force of nature make the call, as “She” always does.  In the meantime I’m really cracking up on the local weather “guessers”.  They’re like a pet waiting for a tasty bit of bacon that they can smell, but not see.  They have crazy eyes, unable to contain their excitement to be the focus of the news.  If we get 10 inches as some have predicted, I have a picture taken in October of a frost.  I may send that as a “weather spotter” submission to freak them out.  I’ll be all, “We just had a light dusting here.”

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