4 comments on ““I’m goin’ to Kansas City…”

  1. milliethom says:

    That’s a very brightly lit city, mojoshawn. It looks as though it’s been done especially for some occasion or other. Are you really going there – or was that just a ‘natty’ title? Good to hear that old song again – haven’t heard it for ages. Years, in fact!

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    • mojoshawn says:

      It was taken at the Power and Light District in Kansas City, Missouri. It’s an area with a bunch of shops, restaurants, pubs, etc. It’s always lit up like that, and I took it from the deck of a sushi restaurant. I currently live about 6 hours away, but organized a party for some of my close friends to let them know I’ll be moving back soon. KC is where I lived the “bulk” of my life. We had a very nice evening, and it was about 60 degrees Fahrenheit which is unusual for a February night. I’m glad you enjoyed the song. Thank-you for the comment. (Oh…my first name is Shawn. I should have introduced myself sooner…so “Hi, Millie, I’m Shawn. Pleased to be your friend!) 🙂

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