Starting my blog

A very nice blog from a “newbie” like myself. Check it out at !


Well. Here I am starting a blogI do not have a hobby and thought this would be a good start to fulfillment. Here i go…I am a single young mother. Yes I say young I was pregnant at 20 and not married if I may add. I was able to achieve nursing school with a baby. I have been working as an RN for 4 years. Now 26 years old…I enjoy motherhood, cooking, baking, and educating. I love educating others with my knowledge as well as what I have learned through my struggles. I hope to enjoy blogging. I will take this seriously and take personal time out I my day (which is difficult as it is) to do this so I can finally say yes!! I’m doing something for me and helping others in a unique way! Please follow me on this exciting new journey!

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