WordPress has a great community!

I wanted to share a thoughtful gesture by the author of a blog I follow.  I recently took about a month off due to some other projects I needed to accomplish.  A few days ago this person contacted me by email to check up on me,  as he hadn’t seen any activity on my site in a while. As I’ve mentioned before, my blog is just a hobby and I personally don’t have aspirations to make it any more at this time.  However, he’s a published author and is very busy in the WordPress community.  Not only does he maintain a great personal site, he’s always helping out and engaging other serious writers by highlighting them, answering all comments, reblogging, etc.  If you want to follow a great blog with excellent writing and interesting art I highly suggest you check him out.  He truly cares about his readers as demonstrated by reaching out to a “hack” like me.  His name is Kurt Brindley and his site is http://www.kurtbrindley.com/.   Thank-you again, Kurt!  It was a very kind act at a time when I needed one.

3 comments on “WordPress has a great community!

  1. Thank you, my brother. You’ve always been there for me so your absence was very much noticeable and your presence very much missed.

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  2. A good community to be part of….

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