Who’s the “master”?!?

I bought Panda a blue squeaky bone that she loves…darn it.  Why must I do this to myself?  I’m always buying her toys that squeak, or howl, or ring.  She’s just a year old which means energy is not an issue.  So tonight her instrument of ear torture is the new squeaky bone.  The dresser in my room is raised slightly off the floor and has a curved decorative (insert master woodworker term) front.  Panda is losing her mind over the sounds of the bone, running around all delightfully insane and the toy keeps getting wedged under the dresser.  She works at it for a bit and then comes to me whining.  I reply, “What’s wrong, girl?  Did you lose your bone?”  I get it and she continues along on her deranged, crazy, canine train.   This basic scene plays out multiple times until I finally see her tuck it under the dresser on purpose and then look up at me. The little stinker was training ME to get her bone!  I didn’t even get a single treat.  I take that back, she’s my treat!

"It sure takes him a lot of times to learn something"

“It sure takes him a lot of times to learn something!”

3 comments on “Who’s the “master”?!?

  1. milliethom says:

    You know you could never ignore those beautiful eyes. She’ll have you well trained before too long.

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