“They say we’re made mostly of water…”

An adult human averages about 60% water.  Colin Hay’s lyric is correct.  I really enjoy the symbolism of this song.  He sings about two be not being able to “find the sea.”  It also makes me think about how there are so many people that can’t seem to find the Sea of Humanity.  The news is filled daily with stories of a person or group doing the most cruel of things to another person or group.  I truly hope as the human race evolves we’ll be able to find a common “body of water” to exist peacefully.  It doesn’t need to be an ocean where opinions and beliefs are generic, just one where they’re allowed to flow freely.  A place with many currents that cross and interact together without destroying one another.  I know, the odds are slim.  I can dream though.  Who knows, if we don’t destroy ourselves first it might just happen one day.

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