“Cyber Monday”, or as I call it…Monday.

I’m all about getting a good deal.  I  know it’s important for retailers and our economy to sell product.  However, it seems to me that more and more events such as “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” are becoming more important than the main reason for the Season.  Christmas.  I sure hope one day it won’t be called “Corpmas”.

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4 comments on ““Cyber Monday”, or as I call it…Monday.

  1. Seasons got little to do with this constant Retail Sale day, Bargain week Two for One, etc. As I keep saying to anyone who will listen…Does anyone now know the real price of anything…..they are all artificial these days.

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    • mojoshawn says:

      Very good points that I agree with, but Black Friday especially seems to be a little different. People go out at 4:00am to get as you mentioned “artificial” deals. A day after giving thanks in America for what we have, ironic. Thanks for your input David! Much appreciated!

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  2. Yeah, for sure. But it is what we allow and/or make it to be. Fortunately, my Is Is is separate and distinct from the collective (corporate?) Is; although, it’s a challenge sometimes keeping a separation and distinction between the two.

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