Ripples of kindness…

     The idea of kindness creating ripples that expand outward affecting others has been written about many times. I couldn’t help reflecting on the idea when I tossed a stone in the lake to take a picture. I personally try to create my own ripples of kindness everyday. Just little things like holding the door open for someone, letting a person go first in line, or maybe just a smile for a stranger. I’m not a glass half full, or glass half empty type of person. I try to keep my glass overflowing with positive feelings, as best I can. I hope that energy can be received by someone who may need it. People always speak of “The Butterfly Effect” with an example of the butterfly flapping its wings in Africa causing a typhoon in Japan. I prefer to imagine the result is a rain storm that brings water to an area in drought. Ripples of kindness will always be smaller, and never travel as fast, or be as powerful as waves of cruelty. However, they just might prevent someone from tossing their own stone in anger. Just my opinion.


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