She does it on purpose.

Panda loves her a bunch of wakin’ up the the morning. I can assure you she does not get this from me. She’s a very tall drink of water, long and lanky and built like a Greyhound. Her tail is freakish. It’s a canine bullwhip. So, when I let her out in the morning it’s a little trek to the backdoor. I make her wait until I’m ready which is basically like revving a formula one race car. I open my bedroom door and give her the magic word…”ok”. Engage. She flies by me and all I hear is her tall whapping the hall walls, lamps falling over, dishes crashing, chickens scattering, etc. Bull in a china shop comes to mind. I wade through the wreckage and finally meet up with her at the backdoor. Time to put on some coffee and start the cleanup. Yep, our morning routine.


4 comments on “She does it on purpose.

  1. Awesome. I am finally getting over the loss of my bestest friend a couple of years ago and now considering whether it’s time to find another friend.


    • mojoshawn says:

      I’m a dog guy, but my best friend’s wife talked me into taking one of their kittens they had about 20 years ago. I took the runt. He grew to be 22 pounds! I lost him after 17 years. They sure become part of the family. It took me a while to want another pet, but I’m glad I decided on taking Panda. She was a pound puppy and is a very sweet dog. My take, not that you need it, is get another buddy. They can go exploring with you and will definitely be inspirational!

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      • Oh yeah I agree. I’m def a dog man. It’s just my last dog, a little snowball of a Maltese, just meant so much to me – I had some health issues and she never left my side throughout – that it is hard considering try to replace her. But I will at some point. I’m getting closer. And we also have a cat..who probably weighs 22lbs, at least…but he is the wife’s cat. Won’t have a thing to do with me…and that’s okay. 🙂


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