It’s a chilly one!

It’s a cold morning here in Missouri. It reminds me of the poem “When the Frost is on the Punkin” by James Whitcomb Riley. I don’t have any pumpkins, though. I like pumpkins. I especially enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie this time of year. I put whipped cream on mine. I wish I had a pumpkin. Maybe I’ll try to grow some in my garden next year. I could then take my lovingly grown pumpkin and sacrifice it for a tasty pie. There are quite a few food blogs on WordPress, surely I could find a good recipe. After I baked my delicious pumpkin pie, I would then cut me a big honking slice and put whipped cream on it. Did I mention I like whipped cream on my pumpkin pie? It’s really tasty like that. I wonder if anyone else has ever thought to eat it with whipped cream on top? Hmmmm. I digress. Where was I , oh yeah…man it’s a frosty dude out there this morning!

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